What are you missing to be spontaneous?

Sure, the info who of your friends have time - right now. IveTime connects you with your friends. That's the only reason why it needs your mobile number.

No idea where to meet?

IveTime suggests you a venue in the middle - fair for all, isn't it? And that's the only reason why it needs a position.

No idea what to do?

Let IveTime make a guess for you.

And what if none of your friends have time?

IveTime tells you what you even can do on your own instead. Funny and serious things. As long as your friends still need some time to activate IveTime ;)

And what if there are no friends yet?

IveTime suggests you other IveTimers with equal interests that want to meet you.



Thanks so much for your support !
It's a smart idea that you got cards of experience like going to grab a coffee, or watching a cinema with someone.
Bassil Ouais, ♂, 32

Bassil Ouais, ♂, 32

The calling option was good because I didn't expect it.

Muhammad Abdullah, ♂, 19

Allows you access to a whole new forum of people. It’s user friendly.
Katerina Jan, ♀

Katerina Jan, ♀

Ive Time... Geniale Idee, tolle Umsetzung. Als mich ein Kumpel auf die App angesprochen hat war ich baff... Wer kennt es nicht, man hat endlich mal frei, zeit und Bock was zu unternehmen sind da... Aber die Freunde sind nicht zu erreichen oder haben keine zeit... Ich nutze Ive Time, egal wo ich bin... Sage ich will chillen oder shishan, und sehe wer in dem von mir gewählten Umkreis auch Bock hat, Freunde oder Leute die ich noch nicht kenn... Und treff mich spontan mit denen, lerne neue Leute kennen mit ähnlichen interessen... An denen ich auf der Straße wahrscheinlich einfach vorbei gehen würde... Die Möglichkeiten sind vielseitige, das Team dahinter begierig nach Input um die App noch besser zu machen und aufgeschlossen gegenüber neuen Ideen... Schaut's euch unbedingt mal an. Und wer weiß, vielleicht trifft man sich demnächst spontan wenn ich Mal wieder sage, Ive time
Niels, ♂, 29

Niels, ♂, 29

You wanne go out and do something and uve no idea who wanne join? IveTime make situations like this absolete. Meet friends u never imagine that they're spontanious in that way and have a great time. Thats what i love about IveTime, go out, have fun when ever you want and with how you want. Looking forward to the day when most of the ppl will use it :)
Conny, ♂, 33

Conny, ♂, 33

I liked the idea with these suggestions cards, it was new and did not see any other apps that have become similar. And that you could see suggestions on what others are interested in doing and even being able to chat with them. A good way to get in touch with other people and get to know new people. By the way, I think the idea of ​​the app itself is good, and think it can be developed so that it becomes an app you have to have :)
Ida Dahlberg, ♀, 30

Ida Dahlberg, ♀, 30

I like the designe and simplicity of this app
Dragomirescu Florin, ♂, 18

Dragomirescu Florin, ♂, 18

I love the simplicity. This iss a very fresh app and a great concept.

South Africa, Edenvale
I like how if none of my friends are available, the app would suggest me to do something alone. And there are many interesting suggestions so far too. Apart from that, the UI is great and the colour theme is very lively. I like it a lot so far.

♀, 22

It's idea is great and unique it is like let people know what is next before you talk to them. It if far better than other social medias

♂, 27

Uganda, Kampala
Best way to find hang out areas, restaurants and other places near you. Also it is a good way to socialize and connect with friends at specific time and place.

♀, 25

Philippines, Caloocan
The idea of the app is great and really unique, its the first time Iveseen something like it. The colors are catchy - light green and pink/red.

♂, 16

United Arab Emirates
Good thing about this application is that you can connect with someone from your registrar to go to a cup of coffee, or to visit something in city. And all locations can be found on Google maps. Every from drop down many woks fine, also usability is on high level.

Milan Zlatkovic, ♂

Serbia, Leskovac
The app do what it says.

Biswajit Satapathy, ♂, 26

India, Puri
I love the idea, very cool app! I'm not a native English speaker but I understood how to use it. I hope that it will evolve and I will use it in everyday life, it is useful to me. I liked the app found a place where I can realize my goal (in my case it was a restaurant nearby). I liked that this place can be viewed on the map.

Anastacia Tchitchigina, ♀, 27

Russian Federation, Kazan
I love the concept of this app. I don't want to have to constantly ask my friends if they are available or not or where and when we should hang out. This makes making plans with other people a lot easier. So, good job!

♀, 25

Philippines, Ozamiz City


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